harry's dirty word's♥
One direction love story;

Chapter One;

9th Novermber 2010 was a very warm day me & holly was on are way to see One direction at the x factor house,we had all the window’s rolled down because it was red hot,”i can’t belive were off to see the One direction boy’s” holly said smiling “i know i can’t belive were gonna see Zayn,Harry,Louis,Niall & Liam this is going too be awesome”  i said with a big grin on my face “yeah! You only wonna come cos you looooooove Zayn” she said pushing my arm “pssh,noo. I only like the band not zayn” i said trying not to go red “whateverrr,i can’t wait to see the gorgeous Harry Styles” she said smiling “i bet he will love you top too” i replied; she had a top saying ‘i love harry styles’.We both laughed and got out the car,we went up too the gate’s and waited,and waited,and waited but no sight of the boy’s “holly we might aswell go.There not gonna come” i said , it was about 7:00pm now and there was still no sight of the boy’s.Most of the girl’s left,well all of the girl’s left it was just me & holly waiting for them,we saw a shining light a head of us “OH MY GOSH! I think oh it is…ONE DIRECTION” holly screamed,the boy’s came out of the car i think they was abit shocked that there was only two girl’s waiting for them “wooah! Not alot of girl’s today Zayn” harry say laughing,The boy’s walked up too use “oh my gosh! Harrryyyy sign my arm?! I LOVE YOU.” Harry came over too her and started talking to holly. So i was like on my own, i got a tap on the shoulder i turned around it was zayn “heey beautiful” zayn said smiling “heeeeey.” I said trying not to look at him “haay,why you not looking at me? Oh you don’t like me?” zayn said “NO,I DO LIKE YOU.” I said smiling “good,i guess harry and your friend are getting to know each over;)” zayn said laughing,i looked over to them and the were getting quiet close “we’ll i guess she’s happy she love’s him” i said lookin over too them again,”he get’s more girl fan’s then i do,girl’s love him” zayn said looking down “haaay,we’ll there’s one girl that like’s you i said smirking “who?” “me dumb-bo”.

finishing this tonight im at skwl now (: